About Us

Our diverse team brings together experts from various backgrounds and nationalities, each contributing valuable insights and experiences.

This diverse perspective allows us to approach challenges from different angles and provide our clients with comprehensive solutions. To better serve our clients in this globalised world, our team is proficient not only in English but also in other languages spoken in the region, such as Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Tamil, Mandarin, and various other Chinese dialects. This linguistic diversity enables us to effectively communicate and navigate the intricacies of different business environments.

We have cultivated strong relationships with leading professionals, including accountants and lawyers across Asia, the US, the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. These partnerships allow us to access the best local advice and seamlessly coordinate regional and international services for our clients.

We have a solid track record of over thirty years. We will provide you with the most relevant and timely insights, ensuring that you are equipped to make the best decision for your business and achieve your goals.

Accreditations, registrations, and licenses

Registered with the following bodies:
  • Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants
    • Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore

    • Public Company Accounting Oversight Board in the USA

    • The Institute of Internal Auditors in Singapore

      Professionals in our firm comprise:

      • Fellows and members of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants

      • Accredited Tax Advisors and Accredited Tax Practitioners with the Singapore Chartered Tax Professionals

      • Registered Insolvency Practitioners with the Ministry of Law

      • Fellow of the Insolvency Practitioners Association of Singapore