Forensic Investigation Services

Our team of professionals are experienced and trained to assist clients with special audit / investigations. Our team assists clients who need to investigate and rectify errors / discrepancies and control lapses in their organisations that may lead to significant losses if not properly resolved.

Shareholders, directors and / or management may request for a special audit or investigation of the financial affairs or specific areas of the company. This typically happens if they have reason to believe any of the following:

Accounting and other company records do not properly reflect certain transactions of the company.

Significant errors are noted in the accounts of the entity.

The integrity of the person/s responsible for the oversight and / or maintenance of the accounts is / are in question.

Management is unable to ascertain the accounting impact of internal control lapses.

Services Offered

Review financial and other company records to identify irregularities.

  • To identify the nature and quantum of unrecorded transactions or transactions that were incorrectly recorded.

  • To determine whether financial transactions were fraudulent or intentionally misrepresented.

Assist to restate financial statements to correct errors or reconstruct financial statements or management accounts based on source documents if existing financial records are incomplete or incorrect.

  • Source documents such as bank statements, invoices, payment vouchers, etc.

Assess effectiveness of internal controls and recommend areas of improvement for remediation and prevention.