Independent Attestations and Certifications

As an independent Chartered Accounting firm, we provide attestation services responding to our clients’ assertions.

Compliance Review

  • Assess whether specific regulatory or contractual requirements are met.

  • Evaluate a company’s operations, processes, and / or financial information against relevant criteria and issuance of a compliance report.

Performance Measurement

Assess reliability and accuracy of KPIs used to evaluate performance.

Third Party Verification Services

  • Verify accuracy and completeness of information provided by an entity to external parties.

    • Such as financial information, performance data, compliance reports, etc.

  • Examples:

    • Government Grant Claims and Applications for Tax Incentives


      • Independent opinion on qualifying capital expenditure for government grant claims and tax incentives


      • Assist with application and renewal of Major Exporter Scheme and Assisted Compliance Assurance Programme


  • Sales certification required for submission to landlord.